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Carbon footprint accounting

Product modeling, supply chain traceability.

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Energy Management

Smart contract automated transactions

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Resource recycling and environmental protection.

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Energy Management

Energy monitoring, energy analysis, energy efficiency analysis.

Recycling of idle goods

The platform introduces an incentive mechanism to encourage users to participate in the transaction of idle items...

Carbon Emissions

Carry out carbon emission reduction and intelligently correlate emission sources and emission factors...

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BitCo2 Platform

As a second-hand goods recycling platform based on blockchain technology, BitCo2 aims to build an efficient, transparent, and trustworthy platform by combining the latest blockchain technology to maximize the value of second-hand goods and promote environmental protection……

  • Green, efficient and credible recycling ecology

  • Global sharing of resources and technology

  • Trust-based mechanism and token incentive system

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BitCo2, a second-hand goods recycling platform based on blockchain technology

Transparent information platform + smart contract transaction + trust mechanism and incentive mechanism + strengthening international cooperation and exchanges

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Promote environmental protection and green social development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Carbon emissions are the process of emitting greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, sulfur hexafluoride, etc.) to the outside world during human production and operation activities.

Carbon neutrality means that enterprises, groups or individuals measure the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly or indirectly within a certain period of time, and then offset their own carbon dioxide emissions through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction to achieve "zero emissions" of carbon dioxide. ".

Carbon emission rights are the origin of Certified Emission Reduction (CER).

Carbon Sink: Generally refers to the process, activity, and mechanism of removing carbon dioxide from the air.

Carbon trading refers to treating carbon dioxide emission rights as a commodity. The buyer obtains a certain amount of carbon dioxide emission rights by paying a certain amount to the seller, thus forming a transaction of carbon dioxide emission rights.

Is an online trading platform where companies, institutions and ordinary citizens can purchase trading units (carbon credits) to offset their greenhouse gas emissions or support climate action.

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